Vows Renewal

Planning a vow renewal ceremony?

Maybe you and your partner have reached a big milestone in your marriage. Or maybe you went through some rough patches together and want to celebrate coming out the other side as a stronger couple. Or maybe you just want to reaffirm your commitment to each other.

This is a special moment where you can exchange vows once again and show each other your commitment.

As both you and your spouse have grown throughout the years, you’ve learnt more about each other and perhaps even discovered parts of yourselves you never knew existed. Your values have also changed over the years, as your lives moulded with each other’s.

Renewing your vows gives your the opportunity to reflect this change.

Write your own unique vows that mean something special to the both of you. Celebrate with your loved ones once again, or even for the first time. 

As an experienced celebrant, with over 30 years of experience, I’ve worked with both small and large crowds. I’ve perfected weddings, vow renewal ceremonies, and even naming ceremonies for countless couples.

Let’s work together to make your vow renewal ceremony even more beautiful than your wedding.