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Naming Ceremony

Hosting a ceremony for your gorgeous little one?

Did you or your partner recently give birth?

If you’d prefer to not go the religious route of Christening, but you still want to celebrate the birth of your child -- a naming ceremony is what you’re after.

During your child’s naming day, you can gather your friends and family to officially name your beautiful newborn, without worrying about the religious aspects of a Christening.

During this ceremony you’ll declare your promises to raise your child to the best of your ability and commit yourself to your child completely.

Your friends and family can also join in and give their blessings. Wishing for their future friendship, health, and love.

Worried that it’s too late for a naming ceremony?

Even if your child was born a while ago, it’s not too late. It’s common practice to combine a naming day with your child’s first birthday (or even subsequent birthdays). This means you don’t have to celebrate twice and go through the hassle of organising two events.

If you want your child’s naming day to be perfect, as an experienced celebrant I can conduct the ceremony. 

As an experienced celebrant, I can:

✓ Help organise the events of the day

✓ Aid in planning and writing your declaration and promises

✓ Conduct the ceremony to make your child’s naming official

Do you want to officially welcome your child to the world and give them your blessings?


Pet Celebration

Hosting a ceremony for your beloved pet?

Your precious little (or big) ball of fluff deserves a ceremony too.

They should receive all the happiness in the world and as their owners -- it’s our job to give them the best life we can.

Whether they’ve grown up and found another fluff ball to marry, have a birthday coming up, or even in the unfortunate event that it’s time to guide them over the rainbow bridge...

I will help you make this moment perfect.

Your pet has been loyal to you since the moment they felt your touch. From growing up as a little baby, all the way to becoming literally 10x the size they were before…

They’ve loved you unconditionally every step of the way.

Organise a ceremony for them and shower them with love. Invite your friends, your family, and even your neighbours (and their pets) if you want.

No matter what you do, your pet will be grateful for it.

You can even combine some of your other ceremonies like your wedding or newborn’s naming day with your pet’s ceremony.

Here are some common pet ceremonies:

  • Pet blessings

  • Pet naming ceremonies

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Weddings

  • Pet funerals

Are you looking to host a ceremony for your pet?

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Vows Renewal

Planning a vow renewal ceremony?

Maybe you and your partner have reached a big milestone in your marriage. Or maybe you went through some rough patches together and want to celebrate coming out the other side as a stronger couple. Or maybe you just want to reaffirm your commitment to each other.

This is a special moment where you can exchange vows once again and show each other your commitment.

As both you and your spouse have grown throughout the years, you’ve learnt more about each other and perhaps even discovered parts of yourselves you never knew existed. Your values have also changed over the years, as your lives moulded with each other’s.

Renewing your vows gives your the opportunity to reflect this change.

Write your own unique vows that mean something special to the both of you. Celebrate with your loved ones once again, or even for the first time. 

As an experienced celebrant, with over 30 years of experience, I’ve worked with both small and large crowds. I’ve perfected weddings, vow renewal ceremonies, and even naming ceremonies for countless couples.

Let’s work together to make your vow renewal ceremony even more beautiful than your wedding.


Funeral Celebrant

Commemorate the life of your loved ones.

Give them the ceremony they deserve.

With their friends, family, and loved ones by their side. You can all gather around one last time to commemorate their life. From the journeys they took with each one of you, to the funny little quirks they had that made you all giggle -- this is the time to share it all.

As an official civil celebrant I am authorised to conduct the ceremony. During the funeral, I’ll guide the event in a controlled manner.

This means you’ll all be able to pay your respects and honour their life to the greatest extent possible. While also maintaining a composed environment that respects their passing and the suffering that others may be feeling at this very moment.

There’s not much I can say at a time like this.

But let me help guide the ceremony and guarantee that your loved one gets the parting they deserve.



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