Naming Ceremony

Hosting a ceremony for your gorgeous little one?

Did you or your partner recently give birth?

If you’d prefer to not go the religious route of Christening, but you still want to celebrate the birth of your child -- a naming ceremony is what you’re after.

During your child’s naming day, you can gather your friends and family to officially name your beautiful newborn, without worrying about the religious aspects of a Christening.

During this ceremony you’ll declare your promises to raise your child to the best of your ability and commit yourself to your child completely.

Your friends and family can also join in and give their blessings. Wishing for their future friendship, health, and love.

Worried that it’s too late for a naming ceremony?

Even if your child was born a while ago, it’s not too late. It’s common practice to combine a naming day with your child’s first birthday (or even subsequent birthdays). This means you don’t have to celebrate twice and go through the hassle of organising two events.

If you want your child’s naming day to be perfect, as an experienced celebrant I can conduct the ceremony. 

As an experienced celebrant, I can:

✓ Help organise the events of the day

✓ Aid in planning and writing your declaration and promises

✓ Conduct the ceremony to make your child’s naming official

Do you want to officially welcome your child to the world and give them your blessings?